I wake up to the sound of rain on the roof of our tent. The world around me is emerald green and steaming wet; the air alive with birdsong. It's our last day on Great Keppel Island. I have much to be thankful for. BEing in this moment. Experiencing this beauty. Appreciating the miracle that is … [Read more...]

I Don’t Have the Time, and Other Lies I Tell Myself

I'm a liar. There. I admitted it. I lie to myself all the time. I lie to myself every time I come up with the excuse that I don't have the time, or that it's too late to start now, or that I'll get my shit together... tomorrow. The truth is that it's not a time-issue, it's a priority … [Read more...]

A Fail-Proof Recipe for Happiness

Yesterday I bought a new dress. It's not  so much that I needed a new dress, but it was the soft purple of  the jacaranda trees that lined the streets of the city in spring where I grew up. Every time I look at my new dress I feel absurdly happy. This particular shade of purple does that to me. So … [Read more...]

How to Play Your Way to Joy

Want to have more joy in your life? Play. Play is a creative expression of who you are – the highest vibration of happiness and love. Your soul wants you to play and be in tune with the natural flow of life. Play is your get-out-of-jail-free card. Whenver you're stuck, or frustrated,  or … [Read more...]

Clearing Clutter: How to Get Rid of Stuff

Fitting for the start of a brand new year, the challenge for members of our Soul Sanctuary this month was to get rid of stuff. Most of us are owned by the things we think we own. If every surface in your house is covered, the sacred buried under the mundane, and you're feeling overwhelmed by the … [Read more...]

Feelings ~ The Only Compass You’ll Ever Need

Stop what you're doing for a moment, Buttercup... Right now. Tune in to yourself. What are you feeling? Are you feeling hurried, stressed, annoyed, sad, or bored? Are you feeling calm, relaxed, content, at peace, invigorated, in harmony, or joyful? Your feelings make you aware whether … [Read more...]

How to Enter the Calm Zone

In a world where technology allows us to stay tuned in to what is happening in the world at all times, it can be challenging to avoid a continual flow of negative media. When adversity strikes as it recently did in Connecticut, we are subjected to dozens of stories about misfortune, sorrow, … [Read more...]

The Alchemy of Synchronicity

A few months ago, I sat at my computer, surrounded by my books and magazines that I love so much, wondering what I could do to serve the world in the biggest way. I am not even sure how the idea crystallized in my heart and mind, but it came to me that I should create an online magazine for … [Read more...]

What You Need to Follow Your Dreams and Succeed

Are you still in touch with your biggest dream for your life? So many of the women I talk to have allowed the noise of the world to drown out their dreams. If you've been too caught up in doing to do much dreaming, it's time to pay attention to where the juice is. Go within and ask yourself, what … [Read more...]

The Things that Really Matter

However storm-tossed your life's journey might be, you can always count on a source of calm in the depths of your inner being - if only you knew how to find it. But amidst all the turbulence of your busy life, your mind chatter and disturbing emotions, where do you even begin to look? Here's the … [Read more...]

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