The 2015 Soulwoman Year Planner

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Are you tired of starting things and not finishing them, and then realizing that another year had passed and you’re still facing the same old challenges?  As a psychologist, I often work with women who feel low in mood, anxious and disempowered in their daily lives. And it … [Read more...]

Manifesting Magic


I'm a big believer in the ability to manifest magic - those moments when you just know something to be absolutely perfect. It's when you find your bliss, your dream job, or your waist. It's when you hit the pause button, shop smart, conjure up a scrumptious meal, dig your toes into the … [Read more...]

What a Leopard Taught Me about Letting Go

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I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoy spending time in the Bushveld. My favourite place in the world is Motswari, a private game reserve in the Timbavati Region of South-Africa. When I visited Motswari last month, I had a stunning encounter with a leopard... and there was a lesson in … [Read more...]

THIS is How I Conquered my Fear…

Erase Fear

I'm finally back in Australia after my trip to South-Africa. I had some awe-inspiring adventures in the Bushveld (more on that later), but the experience I'd most like to share with you, is an event of anguish and paralysing fear, and the immense power of an unyielding faith that all is … [Read more...]

Our Miraculous Universe


There is no doubt that we live in a miraculous universe. Miracles happen all the time. Solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems that you could never have conceived of appear out of thin air. Fervent prayers are answered. Unexpected cheques arrive in the mail. Gifts are given. Surprises … [Read more...]

Mother Nature’s Message to Me


Imagine this.... The alarm clock goes off way too early. Exhausted, you try to sleep in just a few minutes longer. Chores. Expectations. Overwhelm. Traffic jams and unkept promises. Work. Pressure. Too many coffees. The way of the world... but it doesn't have to be your way. I … [Read more...]

How to Take a Mini Soul Vacation

Mia Rose

I'm blessed to say that I've had my share of breathtaking vacations in my lifetime. Earlier this year I spent two months in Europe, and apart from basking in the beauty of rural France, soaking in the golden hues of Tuscany, and lazing on the picturesque beaches of the Greek Islands, the … [Read more...]

Daily Spiritual Practice: A Prayer to Life


Dear Life May this day, (and every one of my days) be blessed. May my thoughts of doubt and fear not block any miracles in wait. May I grow into a deeper peace, a deeper joy, and ever deepening love. Amen … [Read more...]

Daily Spiritual Practice: A Moment of Stillness


When the frantic pace and busyness of life seem overwhelming and inescapable, remember that tranquility is just a moment of stillness away. Reconnect with a deep sense of inner calm by allowing a soothing serenity to ripple through you like flowing water. 1. Choose a quiet spot and … [Read more...]

Daily Spiritual Practice: Take a Soul Vacation


Your soul is the seat of your deepest moments of being alive. When you are triggered by stress and negativity and frustration, take a soul vacation. Simply stretch your imagination to a place of beauty and delight... 1. Find a quiet place where you won't be distracted for a few … [Read more...]