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Imagine if you held the key to transforming your health, wealth and happiness at will? Ask yourself this… Is there a disconnection between living the life you’ve always dreamed of and your everyday reality? Do you believe that it's possible for you to manifest miracles in every aspect of your life? If you're reading this, I believe that you’re on a spiritual journey. You know it too if you believe it's vital to connect with something bigger than yourself. Whether you call it God, Universal Mind, Love Presence, Divine Spirit, or Life Energy, there is a Force that beats your heart, grows flowers and keeps the earth revolving around the sun. This Force exists in the realm where miracles are made and it’s your heart’s desire to tap into it in order to create an abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

Only… LIFE gets in the way.

You YEARN to live a fulfilling, satisfying life, step into your own power and make a difference, but something is missing…

You are tired.

A lot.

Maybe even all the time.

Being disconnected from Source is exhausting.

When you're disconnected, there is no free flow of energy, no passion, no motivation, NO JUICE…

I'm a psychologist and I have over 20 years of experience helping women to sift through the ashes of their lives and find the gold that helps them reconnect with their purpose and actualise a happy, meaningful life. If you’re anything like most of the women who seek my help, you may be feeling unworthy, not enough, perpetually lacking, unfulfilled, DISCONNECTED. Chances are that you tried EVERYTHING… from affirmations, to vision boards, to keeping a gratitude journal. And chances are that you're still running hot and cold between hope and doubt, misery and excitement, fear and faith. You SENSE that there is so much more that is possible for you and a much bigger life calling for you to open your heart.

In fact, there's a realm in which miracles are made.

You know you’re called to tap into this realm of wonder and mystery and amazing possibilities. The question is, HOW? Furthermore, where can you get the tools and strategies that will help you become a miracle maker?

The answer is right here, right now…

Here in the Soulwoman Sanctuary, I am committed to one thing: empowering women to live a soul-centered life. I believe in miracles and I want to provide you with the tools, training and support you need to be able to experience true well-being in every aspect of your life. So now, for the first time, I'm bringing all of my experience and research together in a single eProgram: Manifesting Miracles: The Spiritual Practice of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

This program is NOT for you if

  • You're NOT ready to commit, to let go of what doesn't serve you anymore, or to do the work that needs to be done to connect with your own inner wisdom, and more importantly, to Source.

But if you're ready to STOP the undercurrents of resentment that flow through your life, and you're ready to STOP beating up on yourself, and limiting your own capacity for growth, and clinging to your pain, doubts and fears… you're EXACTLY in the right place. The key is that you have to want to change. You have to want to lean into the edge and transform yourself into a thing of beauty, love, compassion, gentleness and grace. You have to want to get honest with yourself, tell the truth and tell it clean. You have to want to be yourself, fully, unflinchingly and proudly! There is ECSTATIC JOY to be discovered when you learn to connect with that place inside you where you don't deny who you are anymore; where you connect with Source. This program is about taking responsibility for your life. After all, your life belongs to YOU. YOU make the choices. YOU create the happiness – or not. Your life is what YOU decide to make of it.

An Invitation

Imagine receiving a spiritual toolbox filled with practical strategies to shift into a miracle mindset and invite awe-inspiring wonders into your life. Imagine journeying together in realizing your full potential and making your gifts manifest in the world. If the idea of being part of our warm and welcoming community inspires you, we invite you to join us in taking a deep dive into the process of miracle making. We’ll explore the obstacles that may be stopping you from manifesting your desires, and we’ll practice proven techniques and exercises to help you gain the traction you need to master the spiritual practice of making miracles. We’ll carefully examine what it means to have a miracle mindset in relation to every aspect of life, and how you can bring your health, wealth and happiness goals in alignment with your most beautiful dream for your life. Finally, we’ll explore what it means to take the necessary steps to bring everything you’ve learned and experienced into alignment with your soul’s purpose now and for the rest of your life – what it means to truly sustain a miracle mindset. Ready for a miracle? BIG love, Mia xo

Your Manifesting Miracles Toolbox



 Manifesting Miracles eProgram Modules

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It’s more than a program; you also get lifelong membership to the  Soulwoman Sanctuary!

Everyone needs the support of kindred spirits and like-minded friends, particularly when confronting a challenge as big as shifting into a miracle mindset and creating the life of your dreams. And, let’s face it, the spiritual journey can be a lonely walk. When you become a member of the Soulwoman Sanctuary, you’ll become part of a rich, vibrant community of soul-centered women. And you’ll be able to engage with your soul sisters in our private Inner Circle on Facebook. This is a dynamic opportunity for genuine engagement, and giving and receiving support. Connection is essential to happiness, to tune in to the sources that nourish us, and to reclaim a sense of belonging.



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Feedback from our Soulwoman Sanctuary members….


"The Soulwoman Sanctuary is a gathering place for women worldwide, to connect, support, inspire, love and create a better world through the sharing of our hearts, our gifts and the wisdom that flows through the divine feminine." ~ Ariaa Jaeger
sw_wills "What I love about being part of a soul sister community is the free flow of love, the non-judgmental support from like-minded women and the reassurance that we don't have to do this thing called 'living' alone." ~ Pamela Wills
sw_ursulescur "Many thanks, and deep blessings to you, Mia, and the fabulous women and energy we have here in the Soulwoman Community!" ~ Tara Ursulescu
sw_geronimo "The Soulwoman community allows us to finally relax about just being who we are; women expanding as divine creations and creators of a new more compassionate reality. I'm looking forward to what we will create together here and in the world." ~ Ingrid Geronimo
sw_pinizzotto "I am drawn to the Soulwoman community because of the heartfelt connection I immediately felt with other women who are committed to serving the world in a bigger and more beautiful way. There's a common bond and support that is really powerful." ~ Mary Pinizzotto
sw_bove "Good things are happening in the Soulwoman community. The magic of connection with like-minded women from all over the world will help you open up parts of your soul and hand you tools to help you walk your path and fulfill your divine mission in life." ~ Christine Bove
sw_roach "Want to be feel more peaceful? Centered? Confident? Happy? In the Soulwoman community we share our gifts and support each other to make a greater impact on the world… and everyone is welcome!" ~ Kelly Roach
"Soulwoman Sanctuary is a safe space where we can support everyone in order to help us all achieve our true passion and message." ~ Alison Sappington


What you’ll receive

  • A downloadable Kick-start and Orientation eBook: Manifesting Miracles ~ Master the Spiritual Practice of Health, Wealth and Happiness
  • A downloadable Spiritual Practice Breakthrough Diary
  • A Series of four Manifesting Miracles eBooks, including:

Module 1 – The Magic of Mindfulness

Module 2 – Sacred Meditation Rituals

Module 3 – The Gifts of Vivid Imagination

Module 4 – The Power of Divine Connection




or 2 payments of $110


Frequently asked questions and answers

Q. How does an eProgram work?

A. An eProgram delivers downloadable content to you that you can work through at your own pace. Whether your best times are mornings or evenings, you can read the material at your convenience and integrate the practices into your life at times that you determine are best to do the work.

Q. How do I interact with other participants?

A. You are invited to post reflections in the Soulwoman Sanctuary Inner Circle on Facebook in order to interact with other members of the Soulwoman Sanctuary. You’ll feel very much a part of our community and enjoy the camaraderie of Soul Sisters all over the globe.

About Dr. Mia Rose

C28Dr. Mia Rose is the founder of The Soulwoman Sanctuary and Soulwoman eMagazine. Mia is the prize-winning author of Awaken to Love and the Amazon bestseller Pebbles in the Pond – Wave Two, co-written with other spiritual leaders such as Neale Donald Walsh. Mia is a psychologist with over twenty years of experience in helping people find their life purpose and master the spiritual practice of health, wealth and happiness. She is a powerful voice in modern spirituality and shares her inspirational message about the beauty of love with a global audience. Mia was born in South-Africa and migrated to Australia in 2001. She lives at the foot of the Great Barrier Reef with her life partner, John.

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